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Sberbank presented new services in the ecosystem

September 24, 2020, 14:39 (UTC+3)|

Sberbank has announced that it officially became "Sber" and introduced Salute, family of virtual assistants: Sber, Athena and Joy at the Sber Conf online conference.

According to Konstantin Kruglov, CEO of SberDevices, Sber is the embodiment of company's  new image, with a broad outlook and a gentle sense of humor. Athena is well-read and seeks to help the user to be effective, while Joy helps with routine, freeing up users' time. The assistants are created using the Christophari supercomputer and are available on smartphones and other devices.

Sberbank also showed a multimedia set-top box / media player SberBox specially for the Salute family. It can be connected to a TV and more than 185 digital TV channels are available out-of-the-box. Sberbank's services are connected to Salute.

In addition, the company presented SberPortal, multimedia smart display with premium sound, a virtual assistant, sensor and voice control, and gesture recognition. Another innovation presented is the launch of SmartMarket smart application store by Sberbank.The platform will allow companies to teach new skills to the Salute family of virtual assistants. The skills created are called SmartApps. 

According to David Rafalovsky, Head of Sber's Technology Unit, many SmartApps can be created without writing code. "We have pre-prepared templates and a constructor for those who do not want or know how to program. We open SmartMarket to absolutely everyone. We want your company's skill to be on the shelves of SmartMarket too." Rafalovsky explained.

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