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Startups will launch 20 pilot projects according to the results of the biomedical track of the Moscow Accelerator

October 8, 2020, 09:37 (UTC+3)|

The results of the BioMedTech track of the Moscow Accelerator have been announced. 20 pilot projects have been approved, more than $649 thousand of investments have been raised, and contracts worth over $162 thousand have been concluded.

For example, Moscow cloud-based AI platform for medical projects related to long-term treatment of patients Sinapse will launch a pilot with ChemRar company. The decision support system for optimizing drug dosage PGX2 will launch a pilot project with Invitro. And Immunify, a digital personalized platform for promotion of vaccination services, will conclude an agreement to launch a pilot project with the Invitro network of medical laboratories and VSK Group insurance company.

Moreover, DocCard (“Karta Vracha”/“Doctor’s Card”) startup, which presented a platform for training and exchange of experience for doctors, raised 10 million rubles., a platform for exchanging medical data and making appointments, won a grant of 5 million rubles from Skolkovo. Health management startup Checkme raised $375 thousand from Altergate company, which is based in Singapore , and other investors.

Checkme, Rosmed (an online platform for digitalizing the monitoring and laboratory diagnostic programs) and four other projects have concluded sales contracts. The total amount of the contracts exceeds $162 thousand.

BioMedTech track started in July and ended in September. More than 380 applications for participation were submitted.

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