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Super Motorica, RFSens and NtechLab Win G20 Innovation League Startup Competition

October 13, 2021, 14:58 (UTC+3)|

Three Moscow projects became best in categories at the international start-up competition G20 Innovation League. They were evaluated by venture investors and corporations for uniqueness, financial solvency, and compliance with current trends of our time.

In the category IoT/wearables (Internet of Things and wearables), the best project for the production, implementation and support of high-tech functional prostheses Super Motorica (Motorica LLC) was recognized.

In the category Smart Cities and Mobility (smart cities with an emphasis on mobility), the IIoT platform RFSens was presented, which allows you to create wireless systems for online monitoring and diagnostics of equipment in industry and energy. Another winner in the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) category was NtechLab, a multi-object intelligent video analytics company.

In total, about 90 startups fought for leadership in various areas: eliminating environmental pollution, improving health care, managing the potential of artificial intelligence, improving the quality of life of people, creating smart cities.

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