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Synesis has developed a cybersecurity platform to protect web applications

December 7, 2020|

The Moscow-based company Synesis, a Skolkovo resident, has developed the TheWall cybersecurity platform to protect web applications from hacker attacks. The platform provides protection at three levels: Web Application Firewall (WAF), Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS / IPS), and Network Layer Filter (NetFilter).

It is possible to add your own native protection rules written from scratch to TheWall platform. At the same time, custom native rules can be created not only for the firewall, but also for the intrusion detection system.

TheWall is already working with the main Synesis products. According to Nikolay Ptitsyn, managing partner of Synesis, the product is planned to be introduced to existing customers in 5 countries at once. TheWall will protect city video surveillance systems, corporate messengers and IoT device networks, Ptitsyn explained.

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