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T1 Group, VTB and Huawei to Launch a FinTech JV in Moscow

August 12, 2021, 11:58 (UTC+3)|

T1 Group, VTB and Huawei are launching joint venture to produce localized solutions, develop products and services for the financial sector.

For this, the companies have already launched a joint tech laboratory T1.LAB. The lab will be directed towards the development and testing of digital solutions for VTB Bank based on Huawei products by specialists from T1 Group. Specialist teams will be engaged in testing new joint developments for compatibility with other technologies and systems, and test their prospects for introduction to the Russian market.

The laboratory is currently testing solutions in the following areas:

  • software-defined infrastructure, including software-defined storage and networks;
  • hardware compatibility with OpenStack solutions and Cloud-ready applications ;
  • compatibility of OpenSource applications and applications with reduced sanction-related risks.

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Sergey Solovyov, CEO of T1 Group

The companies note that when creating the T1.LAB laboratory, the experience of the Huawei OpenLab was taken into account. The latter was designed to organize joint work of the company's engineers, its partners, and customers to develop, configure and test new technological solutions.

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