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Telecoms and the Ministry of Digital Development Developing a Standard for Smart Homes

September 29, 2021, 10:31 (UTC+3)|

The implementation of smart home systems in new buildings and old housing stock may become mandatory, according to a new draft roadmap for the development of the communications industry, which the Ministry of Digital Industry is developing jointly with telecom operators.

By March 2022, the working group plans to create a technical national standard (GOST), which will prescribe the equipping of houses with smart systems. The amendments to building codes and regulations (SNiP) are also being prepared, fixing adherence to the standard.

What the new document should describe is not indicated in the draft roadmap, as well as specific changes in the building code (SNiP). For retrofitting of already commissioned residential buildings with engineering systems, it is proposed to "provide for the possibility of using capital repair funds."

Plans to introduce an additional GOST for smart homes were supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The government body also knows about the changes in SNiP. They believe that the introduction of smart home technologies "in the long term will increase the transparency of payments for housing and communal services, minimize the number of errors in charging, and also optimize the costs of residents for housing and communal services."

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