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The budget of the “Digital Economy” national program will be increased to almost $26.5 billion by 2024

September 16, 2020, 18:51 (UTC+3)|

The budget of the “Digital Economy” national program until 2024 will be increased from $21.2 billion up to almost $26.5 billion using extra-budgetary sources. This was revealed in the new version of the program passport.

In particular, funding of projects in the field of digital technologies (IoT, big data, quanta, etc.) from extra-budgetary sources will be increased from $5.9 billion up to $11.3 billion. At the same time, funding for information security will be cut by almost half, to $227 million.

The “Digital Technologies” project is to ensure the technological independence of Russia from foreign IT products by 2024. The program is also aimed at stimulating the development of Russian IT companies. State corporations Rosatom and Rostec are among the main participants of the national program.

Earlier, the Ministry for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media proposed to include the costs for artificial intelligence into this project. However, the business, including Sberbank, responsible for this area, opposed it - they insisted on creating a separate federal project with a budget of almost $1.1 billion.


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