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The First Camera that Records Traffic between Road Stripes Employed in Moscow

October 26, 2021, 18:00 (UTC+3)|

Complexes of photo and video recording on Moscow roads began to record cars and motorcycles that move between the road stripes, according to the Moscow Department of Transport.

The first camera appeared on Lyublinskaya Street. The recording will show the trajectory of a car or motorcycle. This will confirm that the driver was deliberately moving between road stripes.

The Moscow Traffic Control Center added that traffic rules oblige vehicles to move strictly along the designated lanes.

Image:  Moscow Department of Transport 

Earlier, cameras on Moscow roads began to distinguish cars with their dipped headlights off or without daytime running lights. Before issuing a fine of 500 rubles, materials from cameras check information processing techniques, according to the press service of the Moscow Traffic Control Center.


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