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The government proposed registering on the “Gosuslugi” portal from birth

April 16, 2021, 13:42 (UTC+3)|

According to the “Citizen’s Digital Profile” project, the creation of a user account on the public services portal will be carried out by default whenever citizens apply to government agencies, for example, when a child is born or when a citizen gets a passport.

The authors of the project propose to change the registration procedure, so that an account will be created automatically as soon as a citizen or his guardians apply for documents in person.

In the future Russian citizens will not even need to get a password to enter the site - the system will identify the visitor by face or voice. To do this, a person will have to register (submit biometric samples) in the Unified Biometric System.

The automatic registration on the public services portal is one of four “Citizen’s Digital Profile” projects. They are aimed at the development of biometrics systems, centralization and systematization of the use of documents. For example, the “Gosdoki” application will allow creating digital duplicates of all paper public documents (except for a passport) and presenting them when required.

According to the passport of the “Citizen’s Digital Profile”, the implementation of the projects will have a long-term socio-economic effect. In particular, it will speed up identification when serving citizens in offline channels (reducing the time from 30 to 10 seconds), reduce the costs of checking and processing data for business and government organizations, help save on printing paper documents and reduce the damage from fraudulent activities related to data spoofing during identification.

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