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The Ministry of Digital Development has developed a new draft government decree on the development of communication networks, data storage and processing infrastructure

January 28, 2021, 18:00 (UTC+3)|

The Ministry of Digital Development has developed a new draft government decree on the General Scheme for the development of communication networks and infrastructure for storing and processing data. The document defines the goals and objectives of the general scheme as a tool for short, medium and long term planning.

According to the text of the project, the  "General Scheme" information system "must carry out mandatory interaction with several GIS (state information systems). In particular, with the state information system of monitoring and network management. The general scheme will contain information about the entire network infrastructure of telecom operators - types, brands and models of network equipment; data on traffic exchange points, communication channels; traffic volumes and geography, tariffs and development plans of network operators.

The ministry hopes that the General Scheme will create conditions for a global competitive infrastructure for the transmission, processing and storage of data in Russia based on domestic equipment. “As a result of the creation of the General Scheme, authorities and local governments, citizens and organisations will be able to receive information about the availability of communication services and the prospects for their development in the country and the infrastructure used for this,” the department explains.

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