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The Ministry of Education and Group are developing Russian TikTok for schoolchildren

September 30, 2020, 17:34 (UTC+3)|

According to Sergey Kravtsov, Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, a special social network similar to TikTok with educational content for students of Russian schools will soon appear in Russia, TASS reports.

“We are making our own TikTok for pupils, we are making our own social network for schoolchildren. We are creating our own video conferencing, currently we communicate using Zoom - foreign software. We make our own, domestic software”, - Kravtsov explained. The development of the social network is being carried out jointly with Group.

Aсcording to the source close to the development of the platform, this is not about creating a TikTok clone. The project will be partially related to the capabilities of social networks in the educational process.

Education Minister previously said that the department together with the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media were developing a video communication program similar to Skype and Zoom. In particular, such a platform is needed in order to eliminate problems associated with the instability of foreign systems.

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