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The Ministry of Education will create a unified IT system for educational institutions

March 30, 2021, 15:36 (UTC+3)|

The Ministry of Education will spend more than 2 billion rubles (equivalent to $26.3 million) to create a state information system (GIS) called My School until 2024. It will become a single platform for all educational institutions in the country. This is reported by Kommersant with reference to the project's concept by the department.

The authors of the initiative expect that the system will become a single IT platform for all Russian organisations working in the field of preschool, general, secondary vocational and additional education. It is planned to appoint the Federal Institute for Digital Transformation in Education (FITSTO), subordinate to the Ministry of Education, as the technical operator of the platform.

The implementation of the project is being discussed with 15 pilot regions at the moment. The Ministry of Education believes that this system will provide interaction with existing similar regional systems, and it will help resolve the issue of digital inequality in regions when these systems don't exist.

As the publication clarifies with reference to the concept, the system will integrate an electronic school diary, journals and schedule, cloud file storage, content library where suppliers can upload their courses, project support systems, student portfolios. A platform for online parenting meetings is also planned to be launched. The users of the system will be teachers, parents, students and content providers. Registration will take place through Gosuslugi (Public Services Portal of the Russian Federation).

It became known in early February that it is planned to create My School educational online platform in Russia.

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