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Two Thirds of Moscow Region Companies Use Cloud Services

October 20, 2021, 17:36 (UTC+3)|

MTS, Russia’s biggest telecom operator, has conducted a survey, during which it turned out that almost two-thirds of companies in the Moscow region are already using cloud solutions in work or production. As explained in the MTS public relations center of the Moscow region, 200 companies from the industrial sector, agriculture, medicine, real estate, trade, housing and communal services and other industries took part in the multi-choice survey.

According to analysts, cloud services have affected companies in the following ways:

● 37% of enterprises use cloud services to centralize IT resources and access to them;

● 31% of respondents believe that such solutions helped to improve information security and resilience of business processes

● 26% of companies were able to develop online sales channels;

● 24% appreciated the benefits of cloud technologies when organizing remote workplaces for employees;

● for 18% of survey participants cloud services helped to quickly launch digital projects.

The most popular cloud service is the rental of virtual servers and placement in the cloud of business systems and Internet sites, the study says.

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