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VisionLabs and Examus have developed a distance examination solution

January 25, 2021, 18:00 (UTC+3)|

VisionLabs and Examus (Skolkovo residents) have developed a distance examination solution based on computer vision LUNA Exam. The product includes an Examus monitoring system and biometric verification when passing an exam or testing based on VisionLabs recognition and analysis algorithms.

The system works as follows: to register an account, a student must go to the website of the online proctoring service or the university's learning management system, enter his e-mail, upload a scan of his passport and take a picture on a computer webcam. The system will automatically read all the data from the document and compare the selfie and the image in the passport. If they match, then registration is successful.
The companies also plan to add an entrance by unique identifiers of large Russian ecosystems. This will allow you to log in without a separate pre-registration on the portal.

When passing the exam, users will need to enter their mail and look at the webcam. LUNA Exam will compare a face in a frame with a photo from a database of biometric templates. In case of successful verification, the student will be redirected to the Examus page to start passing the exam or testing. If you try to replace the image, access to the system will be blocked. To protect against the use of a printed photo or video from the screen of another device, LUNA Exam uses Liveness algorithms that check a real person in front of the camera or not.


Alexander Khanin - CEO of VisionLabs

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