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VisionLabs ranked the best in the NIST facial recognition algorithm test

April 8, 2021, 15:18 (UTC+3)|

VisionLabs has become the best in the overall standings in the verification and identification of independent testing of NIST face recognition algorithms.

As in 2020, the company's algorithms showed the best results among about 180 presented solutions on the most difficult verification tests (datasets contained several million photographs of people from more than a hundred countries):

  • Border - recognition of people from photographs taken while going through passport control at the airport in uncontrolled shooting conditions;
  • Visaborder - comparison of photos from different categories of Visa (photo taken for documents in a studio) and Border.

Also, the VisionLabs algorithm showed the best speed of extracting a biometric template from an image in the top 6 and became the first in the investigation category, where the recognition process is carried out by means of one-to-many comparison.

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