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Yandex, Lanit, Gigabyte and VTB will create a joint venture to produce servers in Russia

June 3, 2021, 15:42 (UTC+3)|

Yandex, Lanit, VTB and computer equipment manufacturer Gigabyte have signed an agreement on the creation of a joint venture at the SPIEF. The new company will build a plant in Russia that will produce servers and storage systems for data centers, and also gateways and components for smart devices, for example, for the Internet of Things. The first servers will be produced in 2022.

Yandex and Gigabyte will provide patents, technologies and their server hardware developments. Lanit will provide the enterprise with distribution services and service centers. VTB will be the investor of the project. Yandex and Lanit will provide investments for the project, but the amount of investments has not been specified.

According to IDC, the server hardware market in Russia at the end of 2020 was estimated at $1.3 billion and grew by more than 18% over the year.

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