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Yandex Launches DBMS Company ClickHouse

September 21, 2021, 09:58 (UTC+3)|

Yandex has launched a new company ClickHouse based on the eponymous open database management system (DBMS) with venture capital funds Benchmark Capital and Index Venture.

A total of $50 million was invested in the project, according to Forbes. The company will focus on creating commercial products, including the cloud version and solutions for large businesses.

The first prototype of the system, originally created for processing Yandex.Metrica logs, appeared in 2009, and in 2016 the company made the technology publicly available.

According to the head of ClickHouse development, Alexei Milovidov, thanks to its the open-source release in 2016, ClickHouse became popular all over the world. Now it is used by companies such as Uber, Tesla, Spotify, eBay, ByteDance, Alibaba, Tencent, etc.

ClickHouse is ranked 45th in the list of the most popular DBMS in the world according to DB-Engines Ranking.

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