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Yandex Launches Ultrafast Grocery Delivery in London

October 14, 2021, 15:00 (UTC+3)|

Russian tech giant Yandex has launched an ultrafast delivery service under the Yango Deli brand. It will offer delivery of more than 2,500 products in 15 minutes.

The service will provide delivery from local mini-warehouses, with the potential to reach 1.4 million customers, according to Yandex.

The business model is based on the technology giant’s success in rolling out its Yandex Lavka grocery service across Russia, and follows launches in Israel and France as part of an international expansion.

The UK, and London in particular, is an exciting new market for Yango Deli, as the city is especially well suited to the dark store model,” the General Manager of Yango Deli UK Evgeny Chernikov said.

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Evgeny Chernikov, the General Manager of Yango Deli UK

Earlier, Yandex announced launching a delivery service in Paris. With plans to spend $650 million on e-commerce by the end of 2021, the company currently continues its international expansion, operating in Tel Aviv and several other cities in Israel, in addition to Paris and London. In August 2021, Yandex launched Yandex.Rovers, line of delivery robots, at the Ohio State University campus in cooperation with American food delivery service Grubhub.


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