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Yandex Plans to Launch Delivery Robots in Dubai

October 18, 2021, 13:55 (UTC+3)|

Yandex is ready to launch robot delivery in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates and that a third of all Dubai is suitable for Yandex robots, according to the company.

Russian tech giant is taking part in the Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transport 2021, the goal of which is to replace some of the couriers on the streets of the UAE. Companies from Italy, France, Austria and the USA also take part in the competition.

According to Sergey Kirillov, director of business development at Yandex SDGm, the company's robots are already executing about 500 orders a day in Russia and the United States. In particular, they are used on the Ohio State University campus in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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Sergey Kirillov, the Business Development Executive at Yandex Self Driving Group

The RTA had challenged universities and international businesses to develop machines capable of operating in Dubai. The Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transport 2021 competition attracted entries from companies including Neolix from China and Yandex of Russia.

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