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Half of Russian 5G Projects are Being Tested in the Moscow Region

December 9, 2021, 10:23 (UTC+3)|

Around half of all Russian pilot projects of 5G practices were implemented in Moscow and the Moscow region. During the year, a 5G Demo Center began its work in the capital, while agreements on the opening of new industrial 5G polygons were signed here.

The most notable Moscow-based 5G testing practices include the testing of innovative services and technologies in a fifth-generation communication network based on the city's 5G Demo Center. They were started by the Moscow Department of Information Technologies at the end of 2020. As of November 2021, several projects were tested, including a solution that allows visualizing and working with a BIM project in real time on a construction site.

A project to create a multifunctional complex for drones based on computer vision algorithms and a wireless optical communication solution using FSO (Free Space Optics) technology, where a laser is used instead of radio frequencies for data transmission was also tested in Moscow.

In September 2021, an agreement was signed on the creation of a 5G medical training ground on the basis of Botkin Hospital.

Aleksander Grobadko, the Deputy Head of the Moscow Department of Information Technologies says:

5G is one of the priorities for technological development in Moscow. Existing pilot projects show how 5G can help Muscovites make traffic safer, solve complex production problems and conduct remote medical consultations. But before introducing such solutions on a metropolitan scale, you need to make sure of their effectiveness. Therefore, since 2019, around 30 pilot sites for 5G testing have been opened in Moscow, 5 Demo centers are operating and industrial 5G test sites are being created, the first of which is being deployed on the basis of Botkin Hospital."


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