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Government procurement analysis and monitoring service


The service of analysis and monitoring is used for customers and regulatory agencies. Customers can learn how much their procurements and customers’ contracts differ from similar procurements of other customers in their region or country. The regulatory agencies can find procurements that significantly differ from common ones for all the customers they control.

The system offers analytics on the following objects: contracts, compares the used procedures of contracts conclusion, the terms of their conclusion and execution, compares the procurement objects of same-type customers and reveals the procurements uncharacteristic for customers, prices and procurement objects.

It shows how conscientiously the prices are set, the units of measurement and object description in the customer’s procurements, suppliers, the system reveals how conscientiously and competitively the customer chooses suppliers, shows if there are attempts to evade competition when choosing a supplier.

414Latest update:01.15.2019

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