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A product aimed at solving problems related to the automation of the work of boards of directors, committees, boards and other collegial bodies of large and medium-sized businesses, investment and venture funds, as well as government agencies. Target audience - Boards of directors, supervisory boards, company owners, advisory boards, boards, corporate committees, as well as boards, working groups, councils, commissions and other collegial bodies.

BoardMaps improves corporate governance processes by eliminating the following problems: excessive workload on committee members due to the number of meetings, the time and effort of committee members to prepare for meetings, the inconvenience of working with meeting materials, the length and complexity of the processes of agreeing and updating agendas and meeting materials, the complexity of access to the content of previous and future meetings, the inconvenience of communication between users, including foreign and foreign-language colleagues, the lack of transparency in the creation and control of the execution of orders.





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