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Public Feedback system for communication between citizens and government authorities


The platform ensures the deployment of the feedback system for communication between citizens in a region, municipality. It allows you to receive the information about citizens’ problems in a timely manner, controlling the work of the employees, departments, organizations responsible for this, take account of citizens’ feedback on the questions that interest the authorities.

All “Happy citizen” services are also available in the form of a mobile application for key platforms Android and iOS. The mobile application can include everything or only selected modules of the system and also function simultaneously with the main website of the project.

The Intelligent Online Reception performs acceptance and processing of citizens’ requests. The submission of any request starts with selecting a category for which a citizen will have individual settings of the mandatory fields of his request. After sending the request, the system checks if correctness and forwards it for processing – either for moderation or immediately to the performer that has been assigned according to the algorithm used for the particular settings.

logo Happy citizen



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