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Dr.Web ATM Shield

Centralized security of ATM, POS, multi-kiosks


The solution is based on Dr.Web product - Dr.Web Enterprise Suite. The system provides security of the whole company. It is a highly scalable solution that can be used for simple and complex distributed networks. The solution ensures protection from unknown threats using Origins Tracing non-signature detection and Dr.Web intelligent heuristic analyzer, which detects all common types of threats and identifies the class of threat.

The system detects and deletes malware hidden in unknown packers using FLY-CODE™ universal unpacking technology. The solution disinfects viruses and Trojan programs. It has large bases for detecting spyware, potentially harmful software, adware, hacking tools and joke programs. The solution also detects and cures viruses.

Dr.Web ATM Shield includes DR.Web scanner, file and system monitors and internet traffic management and device control modules. Dr.Web ATM Shield allows the administrator to centrally manage all components of antivirus network both from inside the network and remotely over the Internet and also monitor the security status of all protected hosts, receive notifications on virus incidents and set up automatic replies.





logo Dr.Web ATM Shield
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