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An ecosystem of technologies for trade management and automation


The system of management and automation of trade in the segment of small business, customizable automation of a "turnkey" point of sale from several components. The main task of the system is to automate the accounting of commodity-money turnovers at the point of sale.

The main functions of the device include: accounting for cash transactions, acquiring - accepting bank cards, generating electronic receipts and printing paper counterparts, calculating discounts and bonuses for specified loyalty programs, accounting for goods: acceptance, write-off, inventory, carrying out the return of goods from the buyer or return goods to the supplier, printout of cash registers, the formation of analytical reports.

The Evotor ecosystem includes the Evotor.Market application store, where more than 450 different applications for business are presented: for accounting and commodity accounting, receiving payments, attracting and retaining customers, reducing service time, remotely monitoring personnel, working with the Internet -trade

The Evotor Pay payment solutions platform allows you to remotely connect acquiring for the Evotor 5i smart terminal with a built-in pinpad, as well as for any other Evotor online cash register with an Ingenico iPP320 external pinpad. With the help of "Evotor Pay" you can carry out any type of payment by bank cards, QR codes, payment rings, it also supports Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and others.

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