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ExactFarming allows farmers and agronomists to plan agricultural activities and perform them ontime, therefore mitigating the negative impact of adverse weather conditions and increasing business profitability./p>

The system provides an electronic map, the fields card, reports based on the results of the fields examination, plan of agricultural works and each field’s expenses, resource management data, cost accounting data, and also information about the weather, vegetation index, crop rotation, satellite imagery, flow process charts, scouting, etc. In addition to the website, there is also mobile app.

ExactFarming supports integration with Caipos, Kataon, Sokol-M, Barani, Meteobot weather stations and ANC soil sensor. The service offers partner producers of sensor solutions to use API Sensor Hub programming interface for integration with data collection systems (sensors). API Sensor Hub allows to display information from sensors directly in ExactFarming service.

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logo ExactFarming
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