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Voice controlled automation system for optimization of warehouse and checklist management


Voice technologies allow you to control all warehouse operations in real time – ranging from acceptance to shipping. Specifically, the technology lets you perform batching of both items sold by piece and items sold by weight; assembly of large orders simultaneously by several pickers; weight check of ready pallets; provides automation assignment of tasks and pallet labels to pickers.

The warehouse head forms the composition of an order and uploads it to the accounting system (WMS or ERP). In it the order is transformed into a step-by-step instruction – for instance, what section, what shelving unit, what shelf a specialist needs to retrieve. The instruction is sent to the mobile voice terminal fitted to the picker’s belt. The synthesized voice gives an employee step-by-step commands. The picker fulfills the command and tells about it in a microphone – GOLAS gives him the next instruction step. The process is repeated until the order is fully set.







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