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Inspark. IoT Platform

The system of services management powered by the IoT platform


The platform uses the modern architecture of M2M systems, flexible module structure and open API. Support of widespread IoT protocols eliminates technological obstacles in systems creation. The data storage architecture is designed for flexible data analysis and neural networks training.

Inspark IoT Platform maintains constant automatic control over compliance with regulations on site (input power supply, power supply for groups of devices, equipment repairs, climactic indicators), manages engineering equipment, collects and stores data, generates analytical reports. Inspark IoT Platform doesn’t require installation and provides a set of standard solutions ready for implementation.

Customers choose only the functionality that fits their needs. The system uses a basic IoT technology that refers to the network of interrelated computing devices that have the ability to collect and exchange data from built-in sensors over a network.

The IoT platform has three main capabilities:

  • connectivity management of systems, sensors and devices;
  • data aggregation and storage (for collecting and storing the data that will generate information);
  • aplication enablement.

The solution for the realization of the above capabilities includes:

  • in-house hardware controller running on ОС Debian;
  • software modules meeting the level of the controller designed in-house;
  • server components developed with in-house algorithms, without the use of proprietary software;
  • a set of external interfaces for third-party systems and applications. 
logo Inspark. IoT Platform
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