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Web-based queue management system


Upon entering the customer area, a visitor selects a service using the registration terminal and gets a ticket with a queue number. The registration stage includes not only online registration but also preliminary service registration. By connecting extra electronic queue modules, you can significantly extend the functionality of registration for a service.

When a user receives his queue number, he proceeds to the customer area and comfortably awaits the call to receive the service. The waiting area is equipped with a central display where visitors see the information about current electronic queue numbers. 

When the operator is ready to call the next customer, he presses the call control button. The electronic queue display installed over the operator’s workplace will flash the required number. Simultaneously the information about the call will be shown on the central display in the waiting area and will be also announced by voice.
After the visitor receives an invitation, he proceeds to the operator with a flashing display and receives the required service. The visitor can evaluate the quality of the service immediately after the being serviced.





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