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The platform is based on the idea of ​​creating a blockchain ecosystem which is as close as possible to the needs of the business, facilitating the integration and use of blockchain technology in the processes of companies. The platform's source code is open source and available under the Apache-2.0 license. Using parts or all of the platform code in any of the projects requires publishing the source code of those projects in any way possible.

BigNet uses a smart contract system as the backbone of the network, running in a special runtime environment, EcmaContracts, which uses the V8 JavaScript engine to create a virtualized environment for executing contract code. This allows you to completely isolate arbitrary contract code both from the system and from other contracts, as well as control the availability of resources (RAM, CPU time, call limits) for each entity of the virtual machine.

EcmaContracts implements the principle of managing the state of contract entities, in which only information about calls to smart contract methods and their arguments is stored in the blockchain chain. The results of smart contracts are saved locally on the user's node, and loaded the next time the contract is called. All nodes in the network simultaneously repeat each transaction of the chain from the very first block to the last existing one, which leads to complete synchronization of the contract states on each of the nodes.





logo IZZZIO BigNet
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