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JaCarta Management System

Corporate token lifecycle management system


JMS automates typical operations while working with USB tokens and JaCarta smart cards (hereinafter referred to as tokens), as well as tokens of other producers, provides customization policies for the use of token and makes it possible to centrally control access to corporate systems.

JMS maintains its own service logbook, which records all events with tokens, certificates and private/public keys, as well as all actions of users and administrators. Keeping a logbook facilitates the diagnosis of faults and conflict resolution.

Built-in reporting and document printing tools allow to track status of the token infrastructure and automate the preparation of documents related to their lifecycle.

JMS is the only management system that supports multi-functional tokens operations (tokens that carry out several tasks, for example, providing authentication and electronic signature).

The system  is included in the unified register of Russian software(No. 311).





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