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Secure IP phone


Kruiz-K provides duplex conversations in two modes: closed mode – with encrypted communication when interacting with analogous hardware and in open mode – when communicating with common IP phones.

To establish connection, the IP phone uses the SIP protocol used to facilitate the connection of modern IP mini-PBX systems. The solution has the following voice codecs: MR-CELP for speech at 4,8 kbit/s to enable encrypted communications; G.729 and G.711 to enable the open communications mode; the potential number of Kruiz-K devices in a single IP network – up to a thousand units.

The electronic key is enabled by Russian smart card RIK-2 designed jointly by the research and engineering center “Atlas”, “Program systems and technologies” and “Angstrem”.

logo Kruiz-K
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836Latest update:01.09.2019

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