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Mr. Puller

Mid-Body Portable Exoskeleton


The exoskeleton relieves stress on the thoracic and lumbar spine and increases production productivity by reducing worker fatigue.

The design of the device allows several times to increase the carrying capacity. Mr. Puller is most applicable for work in the field of logistics, construction, warehouse handling. The exoskeleton straps, equipped with five buckles, fit a wide range of sizes and allow for quick self-adjusting. Equipped with protection against dust and moisture.

The lightness of the device and the ergonomic design reduce the likelihood of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, thereby reducing downtime due to illness in the enterprise.

Mr. The Puller is designed for an operator weighing 50-130 kg, height 145-190 cm. The exoskeleton has a carrying capacity of 4-12 kg and weighs 3.9 kg.





logo Mr. Puller


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