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Small business automation system


The universal software product for customer relationship management, complex business automation. RBS360 allows you to manage your customer base, set tasks by customers and employees, maintain accounts of deals and applications. The marketing module in RBS360 enables you to effectively plan and evaluate the efficiency of marketing campaigns, create email and SMS mailing lists.

The system offers a fully-fledged warehouse accounting to let managers see the remainders online, make reservations and receive notifications about the delivery of new stock to the warehouse.

You can easily create a bill and send it to a customer, make a payment and create all the required shipping documents on the deal. The system offers more than 30 sales reports.

The service block in RBS360 allows you to organize the work with customer requests, plan the work of your specialists, carry out repairs. RBS360 lets you control customer’s debts. The system RBS360 keeps accounts of all income and expenditures in 3 currencies.







logo RBS360



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