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Resursy.RF (Resources.RF)

Geoinformation service of “TerraTech”


Commercial cloud service for the distribution of space images from the Russian constellation of Earth remote-sensing satellites of the company JSC TerraTech (a subsidiary of the Russian Space Systems holding, is a part of the “Roskosmos” State Corporation).

Resursy.RF allows to identify real estate that is not registered in the cadastre, calculate the potential amount of property and land tax that is not received in the budget of a municipality, and search for investment-attractive lands that are free from economic activity for sale on a rental basis or in ownership.

The service allows the municipality or another regional entity to obtain information about all the buildings in the territory, combine the data obtained with the state real property cadastre and get the result in the form of a database of real estate objects not registered in cadastre.

logo Resursy.RF (Resources.RF)
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277Latest update:06.04.2020

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