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System of human body 3D scanning for clothes online retail


The solution is a virtual fitting room with 3D models of people, created using Texel software and internally developed 3D scanners.

3D scanner dimensions are as follows: d=2250 mm, h=2580 mm; scan area: d=1200 mm, h=2200 mm, scanning time - 30 sec, model preparation time for display - 1 min, model preparation time for 3D printing - 5 min, flow capacity - 17-40 people per hour, frame speed - 0.05 spins per second, power consumption of a 3D scanner with a computer - 600-700 Watts, 3D model formats: FBX, OBJ, VRML, PLY, STL, detailed texture of 3D model - 1 mm, number of polygons - 1 mln.







407Latest update:06.04.2020

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