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Remote control of construction sites based on data collected by drones


A cloud-based web platform for construction quality and costs control with the help of a visual interface and analytic algorithms based on the data collected by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, drone).

The data collected by drones and geodetic tools are used to create an accurate 3D copy of a construction site, which is further compared against the expected results (drafts, models). This way it is possible to identify the differences between the plan and real-life results, letting one detect errors at an early stage.

The solution is used throughout all construction stages: design, ground and road works, mounting of a building, housing improvements and actual use.

The solutions include the sale and maintenance of drones: collection, processing and analysis of collected data; a suite of tools for working with construction processes using the TraceAir platform; analytics of construction processes and control of areas of particular importance.

logo TraceAir
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