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Yandex.Drive is a short-term car rental service which operates via mobile app. To register in the system you need to chat with a bot, to which you send the driving license photos, photos of a two-page spread of the passport, photos of the pages with registration data, a selfie with your passport and bank card data. To use the service the user (driver) has to be at least 21 years old and driving experience must not be less than 2 years. After the registration is approved the user gets access to booking cars.

In November 2018 Yandex.Drive vehicles learnt to recognize the driver and apply the setting of the driver in different vehicles with the help of Yandex.Auto service: after getting into the car the driver no longer needs to enter his login and password, Yandex.Auto greets the driver by name, downloads selected points on the map and switches on personalized radio. The driver can control the service with voice, for this purpose Yandex.Auto has virtual voice assistant Alisa embedded in the service.

logo Yandex.Drive
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952Latest update:08.08.2019

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