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Youla offers users a way to sell and the ability to buy goods in the immediate vicinity of the buyer and seller. The seller can register in the application through an account on a social network or by a mobile phone number, upload a photo of the product and fill out a description - and the ad will appear in the feed.

Youla's peculiarity is displaying ads based on the user's location and interests. Youla shows the nearest offers based on the user's geolocation, since the location of the product is also recorded during the creation of an ad. The SDK (software development kit) of social networks allows you to get the socio-demographic characteristics of the user.

Among the paid services available on Youla: promotion of ads for quick sale, the "Safe Deal" service and a section for the sale of housing in new buildings.

The site offers opportunities for buying and renting real estate.

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logo Youla
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