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$2.6 billion will be allocated for the development of 5G in Russia

November 18, 2020, 10:21 (UTC+3)|

The development of 5G until 2024 will cost 208 billion rubles (equivalent to $2.6 billion), of which almost 30 billion rubles ($393 million) will be paid from the budget, according to the roadmap that Rostec and Rostelecom have been developing for over a year. On November 16, the document was reviewed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, in the coming days the roadmap will be approved.

$280 million will be allocated to Rostec as targeted subsidies for the production of Russian 5G equipment and ensuring series production.

Key targets for 2024:

  • 5G networks using domestic equipment will be deployed in no less than ten million-plus cities.
  • Capital investments in the construction of 5G in Russia will amount to $1.9 billion (by 2030 - $3.1 billion).
  • The number of subscribers in 5G networks will reach 5 million people (by 2030 - 50 million).
  • The total number of installed 5G base stations will reach 10 thousand, the share of domestic equipment in the infrastructure of commercial networks will be 30%.
  • 20 projects will be launched in key sectors of economy on the basis of 5G networks.
  • Russian companies will occupy 1.8% of the global market of 5G-based solutions, and the volume of sales in the domestic market will be 19.5%.
  • Russia will take 8th place in international rankings in terms of the level of 5G development.

The representative of Rostec did not comment on the process of harmonization of the roadmap, but highlighted the importance of creating modern and reliable data transmission technologies. The specialized holdings of the corporation and other market players that can offer affordable and innovative solutions will be involved in creating the best solution, CEO of Rostec Sergey Chemezov explained.

Rostec, Rostelecom and the government signed an agreement on 5G development in summer 2019. Rostec was supposed to develop sections of the project roadmap on the development of domestic technologies and equipment, their promotion, market formation and stimulation of demand.

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