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Beeline and Nokia will jointly implement Open RAN concept, which will accelerate the deployment of 5G networks

December 18, 2020, 10:05 (UTC+3)|

Beeline and Nokia signed a partnership agreement to implement the Open RAN concept, which will accelerate the deployment of 5G networks.

The partnership is a continuation and development of a joint research project of the companies in the field of Virtual RAN (virtualisation in the access network), which was implemented several years ago. Now Beeline and Nokia plan to carry out joint pilot projects and test various technical solutions (both individual network components and networks built with their use) based on the Open RAN concept for the Beeline 4G network, and in the future for 5G networks.

The main sites for pilots and tests will be the operator's and Nokia's R&D laboratories in Moscow.

Companies also plan to engage other vendors, including Russian, who support the concept of using open interfaces in radio access networks. Among the tasks of cooperation is the search and study of options for localising individual components of radio equipment for promising mobile communication standards.

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