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Big Data Platform, a joint venture of VTB and Rostelecom, has created a new service for business to work with big data

January 29, 2021, 15:14 (UTC+3)|

VTB and Big Data Platform, a joint venture of VTB and Rostelecom, have developed a geo-embedding service designed to provide businesses with specialised anonymized geodata arrays. It is based on the use of neural networks in geoanalytics.

Anonymized geodata includes a large number of mapped layers of data from banking, telecom, and digital services. According to developers, with the help of this service it will be possible to solve the problems of the development of small, medium and large businesses in any industry. Thanks to the service, companies will receive a “semi-finished product” of processed and prepared specialized vector representations of big data.

With the help of the service, it will be possible to search for locations for new points of sale, assess potential and set smart KPIs in previously opened points, as well as assess the investment attractiveness of projects. The solution will allow data scientists with no experience in geoanalytics to combine the obtained geodata with analytical models already used in companies.


Alexander Aivazov, Member of the Board of Directors of Big Data Platform, Vice President for Business Development of Rostelecom

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