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Experts predict the emergence of 6G in Russia in 2035

June 2, 2021, 11:17 (UTC+3)|

According to the predictions of the Radio Research & Development Institute (NIIR) and Skoltech, 6G may appear in Russia in 2035.

Evgeny Devyatkin, Deputy Director of the Scientific and Technical Center of NIIR, cites the forecasts of global manufacturers and operators and says that pilot networks for a limited number of users can appear in 2026–2030. Full-scale commercial launch in Russia and around the world can be expected in 2035.

Alexander Sivolobov, deputy head of the Skoltech-based National Technology Initiative Center of Excellence in Wireless Technology and the Internet of Things, expects that the 6G trial operation will begin no earlier than 2028–2029, and the large-scale production of equipment will start at the turn of the 2030s. If Russia decides to produce its own equipment, 6G will appear in 2033–2036 in Russia, the expert believes.

NIIR has already prepared a draft 6G roadmap and sent it to the Ministry of Digital Development. According to the presentation attached to the document, 6G, unlike previous generations, will be controlled by artificial intelligence, and consumers will have access to holographic calls and tactile Internet, Izvestia writes.

According to Dmitry Lakontsev, head of the Skoltech-based NTI Center of Excellence in Wireless Technology and the Internet of Things, to enable ultra-high data transmission speeds, it will be necessary to use new frequency bands. The 100 GHz-1 THz band is considered as the main frequency band for 6G systems. At the start, 140-350 GHz frequency band will possibly be used, the expert believes.

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