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Group-IB plans to hold an IPO

April 19, 2021, 16:27 (UTC+3)|

As one of the Group-IB investors, Andrey Romanenko, said in an interview with Forbes, the company can hold an IPO in the event of a successful placement of shares of its competitor, Positive Technologies.

“They [Positive Techologies] are worth a billion. I don’t remember the numbers now, if these are correct, of course, we are more expensive. If they make an IPO, I think that Group-IB will definitely go there after that, too," noted Romanenko. Romanenko estimates the cost of Group-IB at $300 million, he believes that the company can become a "unicorn"  in four years. 

According to Ilya Sachkov, Founder of Group-IB, the company plans an IPO regardless of the actions of competitors.

The fact that Positive Technologies plans to hold an IPO on the Moscow Exchange was reported by Kommersant on March 16. However, a month later, the company was included in the US sanctions list.

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