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Moscow Names Top AI Services Used in the City's Healthcare System

September 17, 2021, 14:03 (UTC+3)|

Moscow Government has published a list of the best AI solutions that has been used in the city’s clinics and hospitals.

For July 2021, in the field of CT for COVID, the first place was taken by the CVL service from CVisionLab, while the second was taken by the Gamma Multivox Covirus from Gammamed Soft. Intelligent Radiology Assistant from Ira Labs was named the third-best.

In the direction of RG/FLG (detection of lung pathologies) for the same period, the best service was Celsus from the company Medical Visual Systems. The second and third places were taken by Care Mentor AI and the program for automated analysis of digital fluorograms from FtisisBioMed, respectively. In total, 19 services were analyzed within the framework of the rating.

Product cards

Multivox, Care Mentor AI

Comparison of AI services is carried out by calculating for each of them the final score for the reporting period according to four parameters, including the time of diagnosis and the minimum diagnostic accuracy of the study. The rating was compiled by experts from the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine on the basis of the solutions used in the Moscow experiment on AI in medicine.

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