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Coronavirus lung injury assessment program


The program is intended for the work of doctors, specialists in radiation diagnostics as well as anesthesiologists and resuscitators. The program for X-ray computed tomography (CT) images in automatic mode allows you to obtain data on pathological areas of the lungs, which is the basis for decision-making in the management of patients with coronavirus, including due to the possibility of comparing parameters over time.

The program provides registration of lung images in the DICOM standard from the X-ray CT output, construction of three-dimensional (3D) images of the lungs; image processing with the aim of isolating (segmentation) abnormal formations in the lungs and calculating their volumes, representing the selected objects in pseudo colors; joint visualization on the computer screen of gray-scale 3D X-ray CT images of lungs and abnormal formations highlighted in pseudo-colors; presentation of the results of calculating the volumes of lung lesions in the form of a table for dynamic assessment of changes in the state of lung tissue during different examinations and making tactical and therapeutic decisions in the process of managing patients with coronavirus.The program is used by the Moscow Department of Health.

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