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Moscow to Launch a Pilot Project for Purchases Using Face Pay

December 17, 2021, 14:18 (UTC+3)|

In February 2022, Moscow is planning to launch a pilot project to pay for purchases using Face Pay app.

The face recognition system will appear in one of the supermarket chains at self-checkout counters. Customers will be able to automatically receive discounts on bonus cards and purchase certain categories of goods without presenting documents, and retail will be able to analyze customer behavior and compare customer faces with a “black list” of unscrupulous customers.

The project is being implemented jointly with NCR. Currently, one of the developers of the NtechLab system is looking for a partner bank and is also negotiating with credit institutions.

Product cards

Face Pay, NtechLab

In August, it was reported that NtechLab's facial recognition system FindFace Multi was installed at 30 Indian railway stations, with a total of 470 cameras using intelligent video analytics to search for criminals and missing people.

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