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Metro fare payment service


The service of payment for travel with the help of a face works at all stations of the Filevskaya line of the Moscow metro, you can take part in the Face Pay project, for this you need to leave an application (as of August 2021).

To use the service, you need to install a mobile application, upload a photo of your face in the Face Pay section, link a bank card to pay for travel, go to the turnstile, in front of which there is a black round sticker on the floor, look at the camera on the turnstile. The turnstile will open within 1-2 seconds, and the fare will be debited from the linked bank card. You can link any bank debit or credit card. The fare is according to the current tariff of the bank card.

The service is planned to operate at all stations of the Moscow Metro until the end of 2021.

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120Latest update:08.25.2021

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