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Moscow topped the rating of the Ministry of economic development for the quality of electronic public services

June 30, 2020, 18:16 (UTC+3)|

The Ministry of economic development summed up the results of the annual monitoring of the quality of state and municipal services in electronic form, including the rating of Russian regions. This is reported by

The top five subjects that showed the best results were Moscow, the Moscow region, the Rostov region, the Tula region and the Udmurt Republic.

In total, during the 2019 monitoring, 1,336 priority services provided in 85 regions of the Russian Federation were studied. Experts assessed the completeness of information about the procedure for providing services and their compliance with administrative regulations or other regulatory legal acts, the possibility of submitting an application for the provision of services in electronic form and receiving feedback from the Department, the availability of authorities via telephone channels, etc.

The list of regional and municipal services that were monitored included services that were subject to priority optimization in accordance with the Concept of developing mechanisms for providing state and municipal services in electronic form, provided by Executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation and local governments, published on the Unified portal of public services and on regional portals of state and municipal services.

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