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MTS and Ericsson to Employ 5G-ready Networks for Domestic Industrial Enterprises

October 28, 2021, 16:51 (UTC+3)|

Russian telecom operator MTS and Ericsson announced cooperation in the creation of dedicated technological 5G-ready networks for industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation.

The goal of the partnership is the joint development of Industry 4.0 based on the infrastructure of LTE and 5G networks. As part of the agreement, Ericsson will provide the technology solutions required for the deployment, while MTS will provide implementation and support. At the same time, the operator creates ready-made solutions for enterprises engaged in "the most demanded industries - mining, metallurgy, fuel and energy complex, petrochemistry, energy, mechanical engineering, transport logistics."

The main part of the Private Network in this solution is the Dedicated network, which is designed for digitalization and automation of critical production and technological processes.

Since 2019, the partners have implemented more than 15 pilot projects in various industries, and also signed contracts for the implementation of Private LTE / 5G-ready networks.

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